Download JeetBuzz Live Sports Betting & Online Casino App in Bangladesh

At first, we can say that JeetBuzz is nothing more than one of the largest bookmakers in the online betting market in Bangladesh. The house is in the market for about 2 years, with great emphasis on the exchange mode, a model of stock exchange within the sport. It is worth mentioning that it is the best-known house to offer this way of betting.

Another interesting detail about JeetBuzz Live is that the JeetBuzz bet platform is available in 2 languages, one of which is Bangala. Moreover, you can find a vast number of bet types on the site such as single bets, live bets, multi bets and much more.

About the minimum deposit amount, using Bkash and Nagad this initial value is 500 BDT. About the withdrawal, JeetBuzz has a detail about the first withdrawal, so that it can be performed is necessary that it is used the same deposit method, so if you used the deposit via Bkash will have to withdraw the same way, the criterion is that this minimum withdrawal will have to be the same value of the first deposit.

1Founded in2021
2Interface languagesEnglish, Bengali
3LicenseCuracao Gambling Commission
4Min deposit500 BDT
5Min withdrawal amount100 BDT
6Acceptable currenciesBDT
7Banking toolsBank Deposit, bKash, Ngad, uPay, SureCash, USDT, OK Wallet, TAP
8Withdrawal speedFrom a few minutes up to five business days
9Support team operation24/7
11LicenseCuracao Gambling Commission
12Casino Welcome Bonus200%
3Sports Welcome Bonus50%

How to Sign Up for JeetBuzz com

In a simple and explanatory way, the registration at JeetBuzz is performed by using the personal data of the one who wants to join the platform, the required observation will be that, because it is a bookmaker, it is necessary to be over 18 years old. See the step-by-step:

Step 1

Click the “Registration” button, or follow the link to the official Jeetbuzz website

Step 2

Click Open Account.

Step 4

Make your registration by filling out the entire form.

Step 5

Choose your currency, in the case of Bangladesh, which will be BDT.

Step 6

Read and Confirm the terms of conditions.

Below, understand all the details and possibilities to make the JeetBuzz registration on the platform.

1. Go to the official website or the JeetBuzz App:

The first step to be taken is to look for one of the two possible methods for JeetBuzz to enter the house, being them the official website and the APP, that is, the official means of access. It is worth mentioning that you can easily find the site through your browser.

As for JeetBuzz APP, because it is a real money betting app, some countries do not allow the listing of the app on the Play Store. But that has not stopped the platform from making the app available on its website for its customers. It will be available for download on Android or iOS devices.

2. Click Open Account

In the case of the site, the option will be in the upper right corner of your device, be it a computer, notebook or even your mobile phone via the internet browser. When you click it, you will be forwarded to the registration page.

3. Complete your registration according to the form.

Right from the start, you will see the option “Get started now”. You can select the sign up option, in which you get a bonus of up to 10000 BDT in JeetBuzz Casino.

At the time of the form, the house presents in a simple and uncomplicated way in a new navigation tab a form with simple questions about your identity.

The use of the security question is a detail that is not seen in all betting sites, however, does not mean more difficulty, but more security. You will find both on the site and in the JeetBuzz app, the house will provide you with questions like “Mother’s maiden name?” and others, select one that only you know the answer to and do not share with anyone.

4. Choose your currency, in the case of Bangladesh, will be: Bangladesh Taka (BDT)

Among the options on the form, will be the option of currency to be made for deposits and withdrawals. Having as a possibility the BDT and the Crypto (USDT).

5. Read and confirm the terms and conditions.

What’s no secret, is that just like everything else in life, you need to make sure you want to join the sportsbook, and JeetBuzz Live needs the confirmation and knowledge of the bettor. Confirming and finalizing. There you go, you will officially be a member of the JeetBuzz sports betting.

In order to demonstrate in an explanatory and instructive way, this step-by-step was made. The bookmaker’s idea is to provide a different and qualified way of betting through the Exchange medium.

In short, registration at JeetBuzz is quick and convenient, are only two steps, in the first of them, you must put your first and last name and data as CPF, date of birth, address and contact phone. In the second step, your email and password, plus your security question and your currency. Also in the second step, you will choose the deposit limit having as period options: Daily, weekly, monthly or without limit. To finish click on Open account.

It is worth mentioning that in the media, be it networks or social media, you will be able to find details about JeetBuzz. Below we will find out more about the possibilities of live betting, single or multiple bets, and many other details. Stay tuned.

How to Join JeetBuzz Live?

First of all, it has already been possible to identify in our article that we are talking about one of the most renowned bookmakers in Bangladesh, its website is presented to the punters with a modern and inviting design. Talking about how to join JeetBuzz Sports we will find a simple path.

In this way, just enter your personal data and deposit your money in it. As already mentioned, it is necessary to prove and confirm that you are over 18 years old and also upload a photo of your ID document, which can be a driver’s license or passport.

Once you have your account properly created and activated, getting into JeetBuzz is very easy. Simply access the official website of the house and put your login and password in the designated field for this, you can easily identify at the top right of the page.

How to Bet on Sports JeetBuzz net?

On JeetBuzz’s official platform, click on the sports tab on the homepage and you will be taken to the sports betting page. On this page, you will have access to the main events of the sports betting markets around the world.

On the left side of the page, you will find a menu, where the events are available, giving you several options to choose from. As you navigate the site, you will notice the betting possibilities, both in pre-match and live betting.

And you still have the option to search, if you are looking for a particular team, just type in the name of the team in the navigation bar.

After selecting the match you wish to bet on, it is time to choose the betting market. The bookmaker uses the odds system as a basis for calculation, you must select the odds of the market you want to bet on, it can be the final result of the match, the number of goals at the end of the match, or even the number of goals in the first half, for example. We can also mention the corner kick market, which attracts many punters to the platform.

The Moneyline option (1×2) is the most used, where you will bet on the final result, i.e. choose the winner and even if the match will end in a draw. To understand this in detail, see the example:

  • You believe that Corinthians will win the match, then select the multiplier (odds) that is highlighted in blue.
  • Selecting the odds for a Corinthians win will open the bet slip where you can choose the amount you wish to bet and see how much you can win.
  • If Corinthians wins, you receive the amount wagered plus your profit.
  • It is worth noting that we are quoting an example in case of a win, supposing the match ends in a draw, and your bet is considered lost.

The website features the possibility to bet on a wide range of sports such as Basketball, Football, UFC, Horse Racing, and more. On the site, it is possible to find several tips, in addition to the deposit bonus.

JeetBuzz Live Bonus and Promo Code

Promotional codes are those that enable you to earn bonuses on the platform, offering a wide range of bonuses, whether in the mode of sports betting, JeetBuzz Casino and JeetBuzz Lottery.

The JeetBuzz bonus for sports betting in 2023 works as follows: It is possible to get the 100% first deposit bonus, reaching a maximum of 10000 BDT. The detail is that the bonus can only be used at odds higher than 1.99.If you deposited 500 BDT, you will receive 1,000 BDT extra bonus and a total amount of 1,500 BDT (500 + 1,000 = 1,500) will be credited into your account immediately.

Still on the betting bonus, eventually JeetBuzz launches free bet promotions, for offers like this the house will leave available only a few selected games.

JeetBuzz Account Deposit Methods

In order to revolutionize the betting market, JeetBuzz has as a differential in its deposit methods the use of virtual wallets, in addition to deposits via:

  • Bank Deposit
  • bKash
  • Ngad
  • uPay
  • SureCash
  • USDT
  • OK Wallet
  • TAP

The bKash and Ngad is one of the biggest in the international betting and exchange market. In addition, the company is renowned and well-respected in the market.

With confidence, we can say that the bKash virtual wallet brings the bettor an excellent means of deposit, with a minimum deposit amount of only 500 BDT, which is also a differential in JeetBuzz Sports. It is noteworthy that all deposits are made in a simple and fast way.

Making a Deposit at JeetBuzz Live

When exploring the website you will find the deposit page through the button highlighted at the top, in it you will find the options mentioned above, being important to pay attention to the required data such as CPF, full name, card number and etc. Always enter them correctly to avoid delays or errors in the deposit.

Within the options of deposits, there will be a restriction of minimum and maximum values, however, nothing that interferes with the betting plan, because the house continues to be considered safe and reliable for many years, which guarantees the punter peace of mind when depositing his money on the platform.

You can also find all the rules on the website, where there is a detailed table with information about limits and deposit options. Let’s take a look at the steps to make a deposit on the platform:

  • Open your account.
  • After confirmation, click deposit.
  • Choose one of the methods listed.
  • Confirm the amount, enter the requested data and wait for it to drop into your account.

The time of the deposit, it will vary widely according to the method chosen. The deadline for bKash is usually up to 3 business days, but for the other means is quieter, since most are instant deposits.

See the table below for information on the method, processing time, currencies, and minimum and maximum amounts. In the table, it is possible to note that the credit card option.

Withdrawals at JeetBuzz com

Not unlike the deposit sector, the JeetBuzz Sports withdrawal model remains extremely reliable. The withdrawal methodology has the same options as deposits, a few details make it a bit more complicated. However, rest assured that it’s nothing daunting.

First Draw – Important!

Pay attention to this first detail, following the standard as well as other bookmakers in the market, JeetBuzz requires a rule on your first withdrawal. The observation is that the house asks that the first withdrawal is made by the same method in which the deposit was made.

For example, if you have chosen to deposit using bKash, it means that on your first withdrawal you will also have to withdraw via bKash e-wallet. Another note is that the amount must also be the same as the first deposit. This is a kind of “lock” created by the site to avoid scams.

Withdrawal Options

  • Bank Deposit
  • bKash
  • Ngad
  • uPay
  • SureCash
  • USDT
  • OK Wallet
  • TAP

On the website, the house provides a table that informs in detail about the means of withdrawal, we can observe so far that the means are the same as for deposits.

Types of Sports in JeetBuzz Bet

The Bangladesh bettor lives not only of Kabaddi. Jeetbuzz offers more than 30 different sports for betting. With so many options, there is a market niche for everyone, you just need to find yours and profit a lot! Take advantage of the promotions to find out what is your sport of success and start playing. Here are some popular sports among Bangladesh players.


Volleyball is a sport in which two teams of six players each compete separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by putting the ball into the other team’s court. It has been part of the official Summer Olympic Games program since 1964. Beach volleyball has been included since 1996. After soccer, it is the sport in which Bangladesh has achieved the most success and prestige around the world. Because of its very high level in both the men’s and women’s national teams, Bangladesh Volleyball is extremely popular.


Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport that allows striking and grappling, both standing and on the ground, using techniques from other combat sports and martial arts, especially Jiu-Jitsu. MMA is extremely popular in Bangladesh due to the large Gracie Barra family. With several world titles in the family, the Gracie’s were part of the very creation and popularization of MMA in the world.


One of the most traditional and popular fighting sports around the world, boxing is still one of the favorite fights for lovers of these true battles in the ring. Boxing is a sport in which two participants of similar weight categories fight each other using their fists protected by gloves. The fight takes place in rounds, each typically lasting 3 minutes, with a break in between. The fight takes place in a roped off area called the ring. The winner is the person who knocks out the opponent first or, if no knockout occurs by the end of the round, the person who acquires the most points established by the referee.

Ice Hockey

An extremely popular sport around the world but still growing in the Bangladesh market is ice hockey. A game not only of speed but also of strength, where players skate on an ice court trying to throw the puck into the opponent’s goal. One of the most intense games to experience as a spectator can also be extremely profitable if you know how to choose your bets.


Besides famous sports with a history behind them, both in the Olympics and world championships, JeetBuzz also offers betting on competitive championship games from today’s most popular e-sports leagues. True masters of the mouse and keyboard face off in battles where the outcome can be affected by decisions in a matter of microseconds. Among the most popular e-sports that JeetBuzz offers betting options are Dota2, League of Legends, CS-GO, valorant and many others.

JeetBuzz Casino

The most striking thing when talking about the casino mode at JeetBuzz live, are the generous bonuses that the platform offers to new users, bonuses that can reach around 200% and up to 10000 BDT for new users who deposit a minimum of 500 BDT.

However, be aware that to be converted into cash available for withdrawal, it is required to bet at least 35 times the sum of deposit + bonus, this is what we call rollover, a requirement that all betting sites do to release their bonuses.

The casino offers a wide range of games, the most popular of which are slots. In this option, there are many highlights, as the house has a variety of themes and gameplay systems. Among the options, you can observe important slots such as MegaWays, Jackpots King and King Kong Cash.

Another highlight is the option to play live. That’s right, the house has a casino that has dealers doing the transmission and commanding the live gaming action.

Also within the Sport JeetBuzz platform, it is possible to find JeetBuzz Poker, on its official website we can notice that the house is one of the most used for online poker betting. What brought this feature to the website is the vast number of tournaments available every day.

JeetBuzz Mobile Platform

What is no secret, is that the JeetBuzz bet platform is a highlight in Bangladesh and worldwide, it would be no different in mobile mode, where you can navigate the site through your mobile device, be it mobile or tablet. All in a simple and easy way.

The platform offers a mobile version adapted to the user, making it easy to navigate, which makes the experience within the website very practical. This way, it is possible to place your bets smoothly at any time of the day, and what we have already highlighted in this article is that the house offers a very wide variety of games, allowing the bettor to navigate and seek the option that most pleases him at any time of the day.

In addition to the mobile version of the site, you can download the JeetBuzz App, which guarantees several ways to access its mobile platform. The house as one of the largest in Bangladesh chooses to please the user in various ways, so that the user chooses the medium that is most enjoyable to make their bets.

The platform does not exclude any possibility in its mobile version, the user can make their deposits and withdrawals with ease, being able to make their single, double or multiple bets as well.

Another important detail is that the house offers not only one App model but two! That’s right, because they work with two possibilities, the most common with fixed odds, and the famous Jeet Buzz. Although it seems like a novelty for players, it is possible to make the installation in quick and practical way. Below is a brief summary of how this procedure will be.

  • You need to change some settings on your mobile/tablet device. You will need to go to settings and allow installations from unknown sources.
  • After the adjustment. Click on the download link available for your chosen app on the JeetBuzz website.
  • Confirm that you want to download.
  • Finally, the app is installed and will soon be available on your device.

Finishing about the mobile version, it counts with the agility in loading the page and also with the ease of navigation, having as an additional feature the live streaming.

Benefits and Advantages of JeetBuzz

Properly speaking, benefits would be what you get with the bookmaker, and already to start talking about the advantages of JeetBuzz, there is the opportunity of the first deposit bonus, which gives the punter the opportunity to play using his betting bonus, enabling a gain of money with the benefit offered by the house.

Among other advantages, it is possible to make a list highlighting several of them:

  • Easy access
  • Instant deposits
  • Quick withdrawals
  • Variety of betting modalities
  • Various sports
  • Possible betting odds for or against (back-lay)
  • JeetBuz with the possibility of sports trading
  • Fair cash out
  • No limits in the Exchange mode
  • Live broadcasts
  • Budget calculator (responsible game)

Finally, many are the advantages of betting on a renowned house, which brings the user maximum comfort, confidence and quality services.

JeetBuzz Support

JeetBuzz qualifies as one of the biggest and best bookmakers in Bangladesh, and in this article, we could highlight several possibilities and advantages of becoming a user of the platform.

Finally, the house is committed to the user by guaranteeing them the possibility of responsible gambling and care for their well-being, moreover, they offer clean gambling, making JeetBuzz a reliable house.

Means of Communication with JeetBuzz:

  • JeetBuzz Chat: Available 24h on the platform
  • Help Center (FAQ): Coverage of frequently asked questions
  • Email:

JeetBuzz: Real or Fake?

One of the things that attest to its reliability is that the house has been operating in the online gaming market for over two decades. And only a reliable platform would be able to remain available for so many years, even more with a good reputation.

The house has remained relevant in Bangladesh since the 2000s bringing the user constant improvements and with a confirmed presence in Bangladesh, which makes it popular worldwide, generating thousands of JeetBuzz Login daily.

Besides the history of being an innovative bookmaker, the main detail about JeetBuzz is that the bookmaker was the first to implement the Exchange betting mode, which made it even more renowned. In several research and evaluation sites, it is possible to find the house among the first in several aspects, mainly in its veracity. Anyway, JeetBuzz is real and undoubtedly an attraction in the world of online betting.

Confirming the reliability for users, the platform has certification by Aurora Holdings N.V., a limited liability company registered in Curacao, with company registration number 157258.

The brand also has an operating license issued by Curacao, one of the most respected entities when it comes to virtual betting, ensuring users of JeetBuzz Bangladesh’s safety and protection within the platform.


How long does it take before the deposit lands in the JeetBuzz account?

It varies depending on the option, there is the possibility of instant deposit, like e-wallets, or up to 3 business days, like bKash.

Is sports betting on JeetBuzz allowed in Bangladesh?

Yes, as JeetBuzz is properly licensed, all betting operations on the site are legal.

What is JeetBuzz?

A sports betting and online casino site allows its users the possibility to bet both in the conventional way (against the platform) and in Exchange mode (against other users).

Does the house offer bonuses?

Yes, there is the welcome bonus that guarantees the bettor up to 100% bonus on his first deposit, reaching the maximum of 10000 BDT.

How many years has JeetBuzz been in Bangladesh?

The platform has been in Bangladesh for over two decades, since the year 2000. As such, JeetBuzz is one of the pioneers in the industry and one of the strongest brands in iGaming.

Is JeetBuzz reliable?

Yes, their track record shows that JeetBuzz is one of the most relevant bookmakers in the world of internet betting. Moreover, the platform is licensed by Curacao, one of the most demanding and respected regulators in the world.